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3 Things You Need to Know As an Aspiring Flight Attendant in Canada

July 18, 2022

Becoming a flight attendant is not as simple as looking good while serving drinks. It takes a good amount of discipline and dedication to make it through. Renew your interest in the flight attendant profession– here are 5 things that can help you in your journey to becoming a flight attendant.

Key Points at a Glance:

  • Flight Attendants help people have a comfortable time while flying. They are knowledgeable in aviation history, geography, hospitality, customer service, and even safety and first aid.
  • The industry became more inclusive to accommodate individuals of different sexual orientations and educational backgrounds.
  • Flight attendants get to be immersed in different cultures and it is a rewarding experience in itself.

Flight Attendant History

Did you know that the first flight attendants were first called “couriers” and were the sons of businessmen that initially invested in the airline industry? The flight attending role was initially male dominated and those practicing it were eventually referred to as “stewards”. Western Air started to hire stewards in the early 1930s. 

United Airlines, on the other hand, introduced stewardesses in the late 1930s– most of them were registered nurses that gave passengers a sense of comfort and security. Aside from performing the hospitality and customer service aspect of the job, they performed it a notch higher as they also take care of airsick passengers in a medical aspect. 

The advent of World War II led most of the stewardess nurses to serve in the military which gave them better pay. Airline companies started hiring non-nurses to fill the flight attendant roles and is still the practice today. 

Now, any individual with flight attendant training can be hired as a flight attendant regardless of prior educational background. One does not have to be a nurse to be a flight attendant. Giving standard first aid is now embedded in most flight attendant training programs.


Aviation First Aid and Safety Procedures

Aside from performing hospitality duties of serving food and beverages, flight attendants are expected to know aviation security and safety procedures. At the start of the flights, attendants would give pointers on how passengers should react in the event of an emergency. Flight attendants have a big role in ensuring the safety of passengers. 

Being able to provide basic first aid is part of the expectations from flight attendants. In-flight emergency scene management is part of the flight attendant training standard. 


Unparalleled Opportunity for Self-Growth and Development

Working hours for flight attendants are quite challenging, standard shifts can be 14-hours long! Flight attendants must take care of themselves to be able to perform their best. Being a flight attendant is a great way to develop one’s concept of self-care and confidence. 

When flight attendants give the standard safety talk before the flight commences, they always tell passengers to secure their own oxygen mask before helping others. This concept of making oneself a priority is applicable in life. 

Working for long hours, dealing with unruly passengers, and having the right frame of mind when faced with an emergency is a true test of character. Flight attendants must practice self-care routines to help them avoid feeling burned out. 

Being a flight attendant is a challenging yet rewarding career. Seeing places is one of the perks of being a flight attendant. This can give flight attendants access to different cultures and people. 

Becoming a flight attendant may be a bit challenging but with the right flight attendant training program, you can make it!



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