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5 Career Tips to Help You in College and in Life

January 15, 2022

College life is exciting! For most students, this is the first time that they get to live by themselves. Some even travel abroad as international students.

College students get to meet different kinds of people and experience things for the first time; it may be overwhelming but students can get through it. Just like with life.

Key Points at a Glance:

  • Building discipline during college is essential in developing a good work ethics.
  • Motivation comes from knowing your purpose.
  • Learning how to communicate can help you not just in school or work but even in relationships.

Here are 5 tips to help you to get through college and even in life!

Have a Routine

A routine may be boring but it will save you so much time! Planning beforehand and sticking to schedules will help you have extra time for the less boring stuff such as hanging out with friends. 

You can make a list of the things you need to put time into. Block your schedule for school, study, and leisure! Do not forget to plot a “me time”. It can be cooking, jogging, meditating, reading, binge watching. It can be any as long as you enjoy it and bring you comfort. 

You can try the “Pomodoro Technique”. You can set 25 minutes to do a task and take a 5 minute break after. This method will encourage you to work for 25 minutes straight! 

Can you imagine studying for 3 hours straight? This method will also help you see tasks as manageable units and not as an overwhelming whole. The discipline learned from practicing the pomodoro technique will greatly improve your task management skills!


Follow Your Passion Or at Least Discover It

Simon Sinek said that you should always start with why, knowing the reason behind doing things will help in motivating yourself. Some people take up business administration courses and if you ask them why, some may answer that they want to take over a family business or have their own business. 

Your “why” will help you to move forward. There are times that you may feel unmotivated to go to school or overwhelmed by tasks but a purpose will make you move forward. 

In case you do not have a compelling “why” yet, make it your goal to discover it! You can take multiple certificate courses here in British Columbia to help you discover an industry that you can see yourself working in. 

You can take up business administration, hospitality, and even “air hospitality” with flight attendant certificates and see what industry makes you feel alive! 


Build on Your Communication Skills

Knowing how to communicate what you want can greatly improve your chances of getting it! 

Sometimes, communication is taken for granted. 

If English is not your first language and you are going to study in Vancouver, Canada, take time to study the language. Vancouver is known as a friendly community, you can practice in school with local classmates or with other international students.

Aside from communicating your thoughts, communication skills also refer to how to be a good listener. The worst thing that one can do is “assume” what the other person is thinking. Although being cognizant of other thoughts is a good thing, do not over do it! 

Learn to ask questions, listen and comprehend answers. You can even do a follow up question to make sure you understand something correctly. 

There are short programs in British Columbia that can help you articulate your thoughts and improve your communication skills. Eton College offers a Business Environment Communication Program that can help students learn how to communicate their thoughts effectively in the classroom and even in their future workplaces!


Be Open to Opportunities That May be Outside Your Comfort Zone

In case you have not found your “why” or passion yet, be open to other things! This applies to those who have found their passion too! Doing things outside your comfort zone can help you widen your network and eliminate some “limiting beliefs.”

Limiting beliefs persist if you say “I can’t do that”. You can change your perspective and say “I don’t know how to do that but I am willing to learn”. But remember, you do not always have to say yes, especially to unsafe things. You do not have to go full “Yes Man.” 

Grow Your Network

If you are in college, do not miss this opportunity to grow your network. You might be tempted to have lunch with friends that you know from high school but be open to having lunch with other students. 

If you are a local student, you can help an international student out with their English and they can share with you traditional recipes from their home country. That is a win-win for everybody!

It is good and it is highly ideal to have a career plan but do not pressure yourself in case you do not have a clear plan yet. What is important is you develop life skills such as management skills, communications skills, and an open mindset. You should also need to learn basic graphic design.

Enjoy college, gain experience and step into the workplace with confidence!


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January 15, 2022

5 Career Tips to Help You in College and in Life

College life is exciting! For most students, this is the first time that they get to live by themselves. Some even travel abroad as
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