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Duties and Responsibilities of a Flight Attendant: 3 Aspects You Need to Know

July 29, 2022


Key Takeaways:

  • Flight attendants have more responsibilities than simply helping passengers board a plane. They carry a lot of serious duties too.
  • Flight attendants ensure both the safety and comfort of passengers.
  • A flight attendant’s most important job is to attend to the needs of the passengers and resolve any arising conflict.


There is more to a flight attendant’s duties and responsibilities than helping board a passenger. But what exactly are the duties and responsibilities needed from a flight attendant? 

Every flight attendant needs to meet these requirements to be able to partake in this profession. It can be a demanding job but it’s also a rewarding journey.

Keep reading the article to find more information about the topic.


Flight attendants needed to take part in briefings with their pilots. This is to ensure that everything in the cabin is in the right condition while explaining important flight details. 

After the briefing, flight attendants needed to inspect the emergency equipment. They then teach the passengers how to use the emergency equipment. Besides this, flight attendants make sure that each passenger has seat belts.

A flight attendant’s main job is to keep their passengers safe. From before they board the plane until they can land. Safety is their top priority.

Next is comfort. Are the passengers comfortable in their seats? Do they have everything they need within reach? Is there anything that makes them feel uneasy? It’s a flight attendant’s job to ensure their comfort.

Passenger Needs

During flights, flight attendants need to take care of passengers, especially those with special needs.

In some cases, passengers would ask for snacks, beverages, and others. As a flight attendant, you have to provide everything they asked for which is available.

In the case of turbulence, it’s the flight attendant’s responsibility to reassure passengers. And in case of an emergency, they are to provide medical care. 

You can learn medical care during a flight attendant program. It’s one of the vital aspects needed from a flight attendant. Afterward, you’d earn your certificate after completing the training program.

Customer Assistance

In an emergency, flight attendants are the most important. They need to help each passenger to calm down and follow the emergency protocols. 

Their responsibilities range from dealing with passengers to performing first air. Fighting fires, protecting flight decks, and directing evacuation are some of their responsibilities as well.

They are to answer questions raised by the passengers regardless of how absurd it is. Though if the questions intrude on their personal lives, it’s alright to not answer them. Flight attendants generally assist all passengers who need them.

Before landing, flight attendants will check whether passengers wear their seat belts. The seats are in an upright position and locked in place. And check if their carry-on and gallery were placed properly within their area.

Afterward, flight attendants will survey the condition of the cabin. They will submit reports on any medical, safety, or security issues that have happened.

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