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How To Hone Your Customer Service Skills in a Flight Attendant Program

July 29, 2022


Key Takeaways:

  • Flight attendants must be presentable, courteous, and even-tempered at all times.
  • Everyone’s safety must be a primary concern, thus it’s necessary to deal with disruptions such as flight irregularities and unruly passengers.
  • There should always be room for constant improvement to develop customer service skills.


Customer service skills play an essential role in a flight attendant’s life. This includes providing care to passengers and paying adequate attention to them before taking off, during the flight, and after landing. Flight attendants, thus, need to keep on improving their customer service skills on a consistent basis. 

Fortunately, flight attendant training programs are designed to hone this skill. Supplement your learning using these tips to secure future success.

Be Presentable

Customer service starts with how you present yourself to others. That’s why flight attendants dress professionally with their flight attendant uniforms.

Being presentable is not just defined by clothing. It also includes your personal appearance and the way you carry yourself. What people see on the outside influences their first impression of you and the airline.

Be Courteous

Personal appearance is nothing without a good attitude from a flight attendant. You must, at least, smile at all times and be polite when attending to requests.

In line with this, you must also be able to listen to the passengers’ needs with considerable attention. This eliminates any risk of miscommunication which may result in stress during flight.

Be Even-Tempered

In a perfect world, passengers are made equal and are easy to work with. But in aviation, this isn’t always the case. You may encounter aggressive passengers that may cause a nuisance on the plane.

As much as possible, remain even-tempered when you get into such a situation. But of course, you have to report the issue if it escalates to an uncontrollable level.

Be Clear

As a flight attendant, you’ll encounter people from various parts of the world. And some of them may not be fluent in English, causing difficulties in communication.

It’s important not to make them feel left out just because of the language barrier. Understand that it’s also your responsibility to be clear when communicating with them.

Be Strict

A flight attendant training program will teach you the basics of security guidelines. This includes responding to disruptive behavior that will impact the order on the plane.

Knowing this, you have to have an iron hand against unruly passengers. In the sky, the customer isn’t always right. You, as the flight attendant, have the duty to ensure safety for all.

Be Responsive

There are instances wherein you’ll experience disorder during flights. Passengers will naturally complain about these issues and you must be ready to resolve them.

Come to their aid whenever they raise concerns about certain irregularities. Deal with the issue calmly so you can properly attend to the passengers’ needs

Be Knowledgeable

Accept the idea that there will also be room for improvement. Take note of your mistakes and work on them to develop your weak areas.

It’s best to reach out to your instructors as they know the best in the field. Always ask for help whenever you need clarifications about flight regulations and guidelines.

Enroll in a Flight Attendant Preparation Program and develop your customer service skills today!


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