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Post-COVID 19 Global Business and Hospitality Recovery

September 2, 2022


Key Takeaways:

  • The pandemic may have disrupted industries, but it gave birth to new ones.
  • Studying in demand skill sets will help one be job-ready .
  • There is a demand for post-pandemic recovery professionals.

The pandemic has changed how we do things and how businesses deliver their services. Online food delivery has spiked during the pandemic. According to the Agri-Food Analytics Lab (AAL) of Dalhousie University, a total of $4.7 billion worth of meals were ordered by Canadians in 2019, and close to $1.5 billion of that were ordered using a food delivery app. 

Aside from the rise of the demand for food delivery services, the pandemic also changed the mode of education delivery. From face-to-face classes, hybrid delivery is now becoming the norm. Aside from migrating in-person services online, new guidelines in sanitation and guest management in the hospitality industry are emerging. 

The pandemic may have closed some doors for industries, but it did open a couple of windows. 

Certain skills are now needed in new talent

Regardless of the industry sector, the demand for employees that have intermediate computer navigation skills and adeptness at using  any app is essential. Taking a program that includes an introduction to computers is a must for aspiring job seekers. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to revolutionize the hospitality industry. Aside from hotels having apps for check in and check out, big hotel chains such as Hilton and Marriot have apps that give customers the freedom to customize their experience by offering smart rooms where the room thermostat, among other things, can be changed by using a mobile app. 

In Canada, there is a growing demand for digitally skilled workers. Companies are willing to pay a premium to attract employees that have their desired skill sets. Knowledge in digital operations, software and hardware, as well as e-commerce is sought after by employers. 

Valuable skill sets needed for the economy’s post-pandemic recovery

There will be new standards on sanitation and crowd control in the hospitality industry. Contactless transactions through apps and self-service kiosks are now common. Staff who can better understand and adapt to these changes will have a better chance in retaining or finding jobs. Being technologically literate can help one land a job in any industry, especially in the hospitality industry.

Post-pandemic opportunities in Canada

Despite the growing demand in the use of contactless services such as apps, some of several industries are still expecting a rise in workforce demand. There are 25 Industries and Technologies that are shaping the post-pandemic world. One of these industries is food services. 

Food services and the hospitality industry are intertwined. During the early stages of the pandemic, restaurants had an emergence in online deliveries while hotels had a decline in occupancy. Now that social distancing measures are easing, people are back to visiting restaurants and unwinding at hotels. These industries are in need of both front end and back workers. 

The quality of the workforce available today will greatly help in business recovery. As mentioned earlier, computer literacy and adaptability to the use of technology are paramount in finding a job in the post-pandemic environment. There are countless opportunities in the hospitality industry, be equipped to seize them!

Understand Canada’s hospitality industry and learn how you can help it recover faster by studying a 40-hour micro-credential.


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