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What Is Business Administration and Should I Take It?

October 15, 2021

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or are someone looking to take up further education, Business Administration is one of the most sought-after programs likely offered in most higher education institutions anywhere in the world. 

While company structures differ from each other and career projections may vary, there are people who are inclined to become entrepreneurs themselves, instead of going up the corporate ladder or practicing a single profession.

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • Business Administration is an in-demand program that entails finance, marketing and accounting.
  • Studying Business Administration also involves learning about vital communication skills.  
  • Potential careers for Business Administration graduates including roles in various industries – sales, e-commerce and banking among others.

Are you considering earning a Business Administration certificate or degree in college or in university? Read the following points below:

What Is Business Administration?

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is basically like getting ready for a world of business and understanding what it takes to run your own venture or enterprise regardless of scale. 

Some fresh graduates take up Business Administration with the dream of starting their own business. On the other hand, there are some individuals who already have existing businesses but lack the knowledge and capacity to upscale it. Thus, they try to augment their know-how in business operations by trying to earn their own Business Administration diploma or degree.

The Business Administration core curriculum is made up of these following majors: Accounting, Marketing and Finance. There are also business administration courses that teach students more about management, statistics and operations. Other Business Administration aspects include understanding the importance of information technology systems (IT), learning how to deal with human resources, and practicing how to use data tools to gather intelligence.

For students who want to excel in business, it is imperative that they complete the entire curriculum, including the apprenticeship program. Overall, Business Administration students have the opportunity to build and give back to the community.

What Skills Do You Develop by Taking up Business Administration?

Business Administration students develop a skill in applying practical knowledge in their chosen field and they also hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Aside from the technical skills, they are also most likely to greatly improve their communication skills. Branding and marketing are vital parts to a successful business, and proper and effective communication—whether it is personal, professional or commercial—is important.

Business Administration draws interested learners from all walks of life. Since the program is more about the journey of learning than its completion, students will most likely collaborate with each other for projects and will need to improve their listening skills in order to do that. 

Students will also be exposed to presentations in and outside campus, case studies and activities which involve interacting with known experts in the business sector. All of these learnings will help lay out the foundation of business practices and principles.

Potential Career Opportunities

Usually, those who take up Business Administration courses are ready to start their own business after graduation. However, the advantage of studying Business Administration is that one’s learnings are applicable to a wide variety of professions as well. A graduate can either start as a staff member or a manager. Those who already hold high positions in their companies, but choose to earn a degree in this field can be promoted and assigned to much more complex tasks.

Business Administration degree holders can land the following jobs: sales manager, business consultant, financial analyst, loan officer, events planner, real estate agent etc. Management jobs at manufacturing, e-commerce and banking industries are probable options as well.

Who Should Take up Business Administration?

If you are interested in a program that will expand your knowledge and skills in business and commerce, and are interested in the opportunity of starting your own business or applying for a management position in a company in the future, then Business Administration is the program that is right for you. 

Also, if you are keen to study in Canada, you could consider taking up the program in Business Administration diploma in Vancouver, BC where you could pursue your studies in one of the country’s metropolitan cities.



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