From Eton

Why Hire our Graduates?

● Job Ready Students at your fingertips, no shortlisting

● Trained students with specified skills required.

● Strong English including secondary communication skills
    with well-versed in Canadian workplace culture.

● 2000+ Employers have already benefited by
    ‘Hiring Our Graduates’ program since year 2003.

● Our Graduates are trained with industry specified skills
    required for an efficient & healthy workplace.

● Candidates have strong technical skills with
    sector/domain-specific experience.

● Flexible hiring option to meet your needs.

Companies That Have Hired Our Graduates

Eton College Career Centre

Resume refresh and Check up

30 mins

Phone Number: 604 677 3866

Email: admissions@etoncollege.ca

One on One with our Career Advisor

45 mins

Phone Number: 604 677 3866

Email: admissions@etoncollege.ca

Guest For a day!

3 hrs 55 mins

Please call  604 677 3866
to be our guest

Employer Testimonials

“DPM Energy has hired multiple graduates of Eton’s Bridging Programs. These graduates have turned into valuable employees. Graduates from Eton rank more highly for us than those without these programs. It is a valuable asset when deciding who to hire for any of our openings.”
Avtar, Senior Team Lead