Gain valuable real-world experience

We at Eton College are committed to providing our students all possible opportunities to enhance their learning experience. We strongly believe that practicum (unpaid work experience) placements benefit our students by providing a platform where learned theories can be applied in a real-work environment.
Through our industry connections, we have identified key employers who are willing to provide you with this work experience that offers unique opportunities to expand your knowledge, and develop your core employment skills in a real-work setting. While we are happy to provide you such opportunities for career and personal growth, we encourage you to play an active role to reap the maximum benefits from the practicum program.

Through the practicum program, you will be able to develop practical skills that will complement your classroom learning. A boost in self-confidence, personal growth, enhanced communication and organization skills are just some of the rewards you can obtain from this enriching experience.

The time you invest in a practicum program also allows you to connect with employers from various industries. And this opens career paths that you may not have realized existed.

Your practicum placement will be coordinated by the student services coordinator who liaises with relevant employers in British Columbia that provide supervised work experience for our students. If you wish to find a practicum site on your own, you must seek the approval of the student services coordinator prior to making any arrangements.

For more information regarding practicum arrangements, please consult with the student services coordinator.

Eton College has developed and continuously seeks strong partnerships with reputable employers across various industries that recognize our high quality of education. These partners offer excellent learning opportunities for our students for practicum or volunteer work.

Once accepted to the practicum program, you may be assigned to any one of our many industry-leading practicum partners based on your program, personal suitability as determined by the partner and Eton College, and availability of placement spots. These placements are at hotels, resorts, convention centres, tourism offices, airports, transportation services, travel agencies and other exciting locations.

You may get in touch with an admissions officer or a student services coordinator at 604-677-ETON (3866) or

“Rainbow Travel Inc. is proud to be associated with Eton College; to have been instrumental in hosting its practicum students who are either nearing the end, or have completed their travel diploma course.

Eton College provides all the necessary placement paperwork, and constantly monitors the progress of each student by follow-up phone calls, and by encouraging the placement organization to regularly send progress reports.

This mutually beneficial partnership gives students a chance to put their theoretical knowledge to the test in a real working environment.” – Nigel Stephen Jacobson, Owner of Rainbow Travel Inc.

Need a practicum student?
Contact a student services coordinator at or 604-677-ETON (3866).