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Is a Micro-Credential Course in Hospitality Worth It?

November 2, 2022


Key Takeaways:

  • 40% of existing university degrees will soon be obsolete and traditional undergraduate or postgraduate degrees could disappear within a decade.
  • Micro-credential courses are one way to validate your skills and knowledge in hospitality management.
  • It costs less money and takes less time to complete a micro-credential course.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 40% of existing university degrees will soon be obsolete. Quoting Ernst and Young, the report further explains that traditional undergraduate or postgraduate degrees could disappear within a decade. 

Replacing these traditional degrees are mini qualifications, including micro-credential courses. These short learning experiences make up a substantial portion of one’s professional skill set, at least moving forward into the 21st century.

In the ever-growing hospitality industry, these mini-programs are more popular than ever. Explore what a micro-credential course in hospitality entails for new learners.

Shorter Study Durations

As the name suggests, micro-credential programs are much shorter than traditional study programs. The course structure is also far more different and can be completed within weeks.

Unlike traditional hospitality management courses, students don’t have to rely on building credit hours to complete their studies. Students only have to complete courses within a set schedule.

Focuses on a Specific Area

Hospitality covers various segments, from travel and tourism to food and beverages. With such a wide scope of knowledge, it will take a while to go through each sector and learn how each works.

With a micro-credential course, a student can focus on an area of specialization. This makes them concentrate on a niche area while still being flexible.

No University Electives 

Students don’t have to complete electives to progress in a micro-credential course. They’ll only focus on the fundamental theories and practical applications in a technical setting.

University electives often make traditional programs a lot longer. Without them in the picture, courses are more straightforward as it hits on the main modules only.

More Relaxed Requirements

To attend a university, prospective students would have to go through rigorous applications. There comes various standardized tests and even mini interviews and essay writing.

If you’re taking a micro-credential course, you don’t have to go through any of this. The requirements are far more lenient, plus the application process is relatively easy, as most of which can be done online.

Proof of Skills

Having a certificate in hospitality validates your skills and knowledge in the field. It’s one way to show that you’ve dedicated time and effort to working on your soft and hard skills.

Employers these days require more stringent certifications from applications. Holding a certificate serves as proof of your commitment and evidence of your competence. 

More Affordable Option

Education is a hefty investment.  A micro-credential program is a much cheaper option if you find college too expensive at the moment.

You can try out a mini-program in hospitality first and see how the trade goes. It doesn’t secure you a college diploma, but it’s still a way to upskill without breaking the bank. Plus, you can even use it to score a decent-paying job and save up for future studies, if you want.

Take advantage of these fun benefits by signing up for our micro-credential course in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry. Connect with us here at Eton College and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process! 



Singhal, P. (2018, May 1). ‘You don’t learn that at university’: 40 per cent of degrees will soon be obsolete, report finds. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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