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What Can You Do With a Flight Attendant Certificate?

September 1, 2022


Key Takeaways:

  • A flight attendant training program leads to a number of exciting careers on domestic and international airlines.
  • Apart from being a flight attendant, certificate holders can also enjoy careers as a customer service agent, reservationist, airline ambassador, and gate attendant.
  • Airport jobs require a lot of key skills but need customer service skills at their core.

Did you know that taking a flight attendant program leads you to multiple career options? Apart from being a flight attendant, there are more opportunities on the table.


Explore what you can do with a flight attendant certificate in this article.

Flight Attendant

The first option is to be a flight attendant for a domestic or international airline. This is the most obvious career path for most diploma holders in the field of aviation.


Flight attendants serve as front-line representatives before, during, and after a flight. Their roles also gyrate around assisting passengers and resolving issues to maintain order.


From a certain perspective , a flight attendant is also an ambassador for the airline. This is why it’s important for them to remain professional at all times in their appearance and attitude.


Customer Service Agent

As the name implies, a customer service agent directly deals with the customers. They act as the first point of contact for clients coming into the airport (or calling over the phone).


Customer service agents provide cursory assistance like helping clients print their boarding passes. They can also assist in complaint resolution and luggage checking.


In this career, it’s imperative for one to have a strong attention to detail. Of course, it’s necessary to have good communication skills and a pleasing personality.



A reservationist’s role pretty much falls under customer service and takes reservations for customers as well, but with more direct interaction with flight schedules. It’s often a customer-facing job, but they can also deal with phone calls or emails.


The goal of this job is to help customers book flights and make travel reservations. Not only that, it also seeks to provide customers with up-to-date travel information.


Beyond these common duties, a reservationist also deals with organizing bookings (for individuals or groups). On top of that, it’s also their role to accept payment and ensure that the booking process pushes through.


Airline Ambassador

An airline ambassador serves as an information center and provides assistance to airport passengers. They also explain other available services at the airport that customers may not know of.


This may seem like a straightforward role but the duties vary per airport. In some cases, an airline ambassador may also alert maintenance employees about technical issues such as malfunctioning elevators, restrooms, or other equipment.


Like most aviation jobs, this role is also subject to changing shifts. Sometimes you’ll end up working until the wee hours of the night or start during broad daylight. 


Gate Attendant

Gate attendants are the people you find at the boarding gates of an airport. For the most part, you’ll be moved to various gates depending on the influx of people at the airport.


Some of the duties of a flight attendant include checking board passes and upgrading seats. There’s also a bit of customer service involved as you’ll assist customers as well.


Eager to reach the sky’s limit? Start with a Flight Attendant Preparation Program here at Eton College to enjoy top-notch education today!



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