Prior Learning Assessment

Acceptance of prior learning through education and experience may be considered by the Campus Director of Eton College. Acceptance is based on the following criteria:
  • Evidence of prior learning/experience is provided in hard copy from the previous institution/workplace
  • Prior learning must have been obtained from a legitimate and verifiable domestic or international educational institution
  • Original transcript from this institution must be submitted promptly after application. Evidence of prior learning/experience is provided in either:
  • hard copy of transcript: must be in an official, sealed envelope from the sending institution
  • soft copy of transcript: must be sent directly from the sending institution
  • For related work experience of a particular course, twenty-five (25) hours of this work type is equivalent to one (1) course credit
  • Previous learning/experience is directly related to the program course curriculum
  • A grade of B- (70%) or better was obtained for course work completed at other recognized institutions
  • Transferred credits and Prior Learning Assessment will not surpass 30% of the total desired program credits
  • An administrative fee of $200 for the evaluation of prior learning will be levied
  • A charge of $100 per approved credit will be assessed
  • We accept credit card and transfer payments.
  • Notification of transfer credit evaluation within 2 to 4 weeks
Please note that the transferred credits and Prior Learning are only valid for studying at Eton College. All credit transfers and prior learning are subject to the academic policies of Eton College. Students will be informed of the results of the evaluation before the start of their program. In case of dispute, all original documents will be reviewed by a committee composed of the Admissions Officer, the instructor for the program of study, and the Campus Director.